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Welcome to Dent-X Canada Remote Support!

To allow Dent-X Canada’s tech support to further assist you, please download our remote support client.

Once the download has finished, run the application. You will be given a number to quote back to your support representative. This will allow our support staff to remotely control your workstation to help further assist your technical support issues.

To contact technical support, please call 1‑866‑791‑0909.

Software, Drivers & Manuals Available


Rotograph Evo
Guide d’utilisation – Rév. 3
Guide d’entretien – Rév. 4

Owandy I-Max Touch
Périphérique Win 7/8
● Périphérique Win XP/7
Guide d’utilisation
Guide d’entretien
Guide sur les implants

Rotograph Evo 3D
● Périphérique
● Guide d’utilisation
● Guide d’entretien

Strato 2000
Guide d’utilisation
● Guide d’entretien

Endo DC
Guide d’utilisation – Rév. 3
Guide d’entretien – Rév. 3

Guide d’utilisation – Rév. 2
Guide d’entretien – Rév. 0

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